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Free Shows We Created For Lockdown

Well, we couldn’t leave our homebound audiences bored during the pandemic, could we? So we put our heads together and came up with…

A Covid Nativity

Written, filmed (in a makeshift studio the garden) and produced by Martin Lepley with his wife Sarah on co-production. This is a fun version of the famous Christmas story with a cast of crazy characters that aimed to put a smile on your face during that strangest of Yuletide seasons. Martin and Sarah worked very hard to make the video available to watch in time for Christmas and we hoped it brought our audiences some festive cheer. 

🎥 View Video Here

Ghost Of A Chance

Written, directed and produced by Sally Catling, the whacky, paranormal spoof manifested a week after A Covid Nativity. Digitally produced with social distancing in mind, this comedic version of the popular ghost hunting type TV show was filmed over Zoom and created on her cutting room floor, better known as an iMac. With much work on animation and a fair few ghostly dynamics added, we hoped the less than perfect paranormal investigators had you giggling your way into 2001 — a New Year that we hoped would be nothing like the last. 

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What’s It All About, Dave?

Written by Zahna Hull and produced by Sally Catling, our third zoom based production entertained our audiences with a sweet situation comedy to make them smile. Four guys and three girls gossip on Zoom about getting to grips with online dating. Poor Dave seems to be having less luck at finding love than Florence & Dougal the dogs! But all’s well that ends well.

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The Romans On Canvey 

Written and produced by Martin Lepley, this ancient musical tale of Canvey Island is presented in picture book style with illustrations by Lynsie Sholaim. The tale is told and sung by the company with songs mostly written by Martin. 

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