Synopsis of Stags and Hens by Willy Russell

Set mostly in the toilets of an 80's Liverpool Dance Hall, Stags and Hens is another gutsy comedy masterpiece by the playwrite genius that is Willy Russell. 

Bride-to-be, Linda, and her mates are celebrating her hen night at the seedy night club, unaware that her husband-to-be, Dave, has chosen to hold his Stag night at the same venue. Panic ensues when the Dave's mates are spotted by Linda's mates and the girls go all out to avoid the bride seeing the groom on the eve of their wedding, due to the legendary 'bad luck' it will bring. But the fear of Linda and Dave seeing each other is not the only problem the friends have to tackle, for the musical band providing the evening's entertainment is headed by Linda's ex-boyfriend, Pete, a man she still holds a torch for. All hell breaks loose when Linda is spotted alone with Pete and the two sets of friends team up and go all out to make sure the wedding goes ahead. This hilarious comedy is not for the faint-hearted. The hardcore and gutsy storyline and it's profanity steeped punchlines, is for adults only and will have you laughing out loud. 



Hens: Linda...Zahna Hull, Frances...Maxine Neil, Bernadette...Sally Catling, Carol...Debbie Adams, Maureen...Louisa Brewster
Stags: Robbie...Andy Shore, Billy...Martin Lepley, Kav...Matthew Willis, Eddie...Rob Simmons
Peter McGeegan...Peter Dumenil, Roadie...Jeff Hodges
Director...Sarah Lepley, Stage Manager...Bernie Saxby, Prompt...Hayley Ashby, Sound...Joe Byers, Lighting...Phil Watson, Front of House...Trudy Ann Britney, Coral Baker, Sallie Castile, Laura DeBond, Hayley AshbySet built by Steve Hull and Peter DumenilBox Office and Posters/Programmes...Sarah Lepley, Promotional Video...Sally Catling
A big thank you to: The War Memorial Hall, St Anne’s Church, St Nicholas Church, Steve Weston of Beardwell Construction, Leonardo MW Ltd
Created by Sally Anne Catling