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Please note: due to an update of this page, some productions are as yet without links to a synopsis with credits/PDF of a programme*, gallery or reviews*. These will be added as soon as possible.

To save space on our website and make your browsing quicker, all links on this page will open in a new tab and are linked to our Facebook photo albums and Google Docs for Synopsis and Credits. If you would like further information regarding any older productions before their links are added, please message us using our Facebook page and tell us which production you would like more information about.*Subject to availability

  • Stags and Hens - By Willy Russell [2017] Synopsis - Show Gallery  
  • Smut's Saga or Santa & The Vikings - By Richard Lloyd [2016] Synopsis - Show Gallery - Offstage Gallery - NODA Review 
  • Prepare To Meet Thy Tomb by Norman Robbins [2016] Synopsis - Gallery 
  • Cheshire Cats by Gail Young [2016]  Synopsis - Gallery - Reviews:  NodaWordpress/Facebook - In the News - Promo Video
  • The Elephant Man by Bernard Pomerance [2015] Synopsis -  Gallery -Review
  • It Was a Dark & Stormy Night by Tim Kelly [2015] Synopsis - Gallery
  • Canvey's Great War by Martin Lepley [2015]  Programme - Gallery - Review 
  • The Coarse Acting Show by Michael Green [2014] ProgrammeGallery 
  • Who Killed The Pop Star? Murder Mystery by Chris Martin [2014] Programme - Gallery
  • Post Horn Gallop by Derek Benfield [2014] Synopsis - Gallery
  • Jack The Ripper (musical play) by Ron Pember & Denis De Marne [2013] Synopsis -  Gallery 
  • Flood! by Ray Knight [2013] Synopsis - Gallery -  Our Royal Appointment - On the News!
  • Holiday Snap by Michael Pertwee & John Chapman [2012] Synopsis - Gallery
  • Who Killed The Vicar? Murder Mystery by Chris Martin [2012] SynopsisGallery
  • Blood Brothers by Willy Russell [2011] Synopsis - Gallery - 2011 NODA Awards
  • Why Me? by Stanley Price [2011] Synopsis - Gallery
  • Who Killed The Hotel Manager? Murder Mystery by Chris Martin [2011] Synopsis -  Gallery
  • A Beginners Guide to Panto by Sally Catling [2010] Synopsis - Gallery
  • Watch This Space; A Variety Evening [2010] 
  • Who Killed The Ships Captain? Murder Mystery by Chris Martin [2010]
  • Keep It In The Dark;  Trevor by J Bowden & Black Comedy by P Shaffer [2009]
  • Who Killed The Holiday Rep? Murder mystery by Chris Martin [2009]
  • It Runs In The Family by Ray Cooney [2009] 
  • Seasons Greetings by Sir Alan Ayckbourn [2008]
  • Lend Me A Tenor by Ken Ludwig [2008] 
  • A Bedfull Of Foreigners by David Freeman [2007]
  • Billy Liar by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall [2007] 
  • Murder At The Manor by Maggie & Theresa; a Murder Mystery specially written for Cast & Crew [date not specified]
  • Tomb With A View by Norman Robbins [2006]
  • Melons At The Parsonage by Nick Warburton [2005]
  • Home Is Where Your Clothes Are by Anthony Marriot & Bob Grant [2004]
  • Lizzie Strata Rides again by David Mcann, Nick Jones & Judith Byfield [2003]
  • Busybody by Jack Popplewell [2002]
  • Fishy Business by M Wood & Housekeeper Wanted by FL Carey & P King [2001]
  • Cash On Delivery by Michael Cooley [2001]
Created by Sally Anne Catling