Coming 30th & 31st March 2019

Poster Created by Sarah Lepley

As her family struggle to come to terms with her Alzheimer's, Irene's past passion for romantic literature blurs with reality. 

She spends hours discussing how best to write her 'memory book' with her imaginary friend and favourite author Barbara Cartland, disclosing long kept family secrets that she would never divulge to her daughters. This tragedy/comedy is about memory loss, secrets and, above all, love.

After our huge success with Cheshire Cats, Cast & Crew are delighted to be presenting another play by the amazing playwright, Gail Young. A powerful, poignant, play that will juggle your emotions; making you smile and possibly shed a tear. A fabulous story that we cannot wait to share with you all. See Gail Young on Facebook or visit her website

For more information please call the number on the poster, hit General Enquiries, or message us on Facebook. To order or reserve tickets, hit the Box Office link on the left.  

It is with much sadness and heartache, that we must announce the passing of an iconic member, Rob Simmons, who lost his battle for life on Monday 2nd July, 2018. 

He leaves behind a heartbroken FiancĂ©e, Laura, who was to become his wife later this year, and all at Cast & Crew send out utmost condolences to his family, as we, his theatre family, try to come to terms with his sudden and devastating absence. He was a huge man, with a huge heart and if you ever needed his immense wisdom, he would always be there for you. He gave many of us amazing roles under his direction, and we all have a special memory of how he never took life seriously. Memories that still make us smile, laugh out loud and talk about today. He was crazy, daft and carefree but he was also clever, kind and wise. His absence leaves a huge hole in the very foundation of a drama group that was a passion he never lost, even through his times of poor health which gave him much heartache, pain and robbed him of his vision. We adored him, even when he infuriated us, and we will miss him forever. Sleep peacefully, Rob.

"So, run free dear friend, feel no sorrow or pain, and watch us with eyes that see clearly again" 

Robert Simmons 1964-2018 

Created by Sally Anne Catling