Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward

Poster designed by Sarah Lepley

Socialite & novelist Charles Condomine and his wife, Ruth, have invited their friends Dr. and Mrs. Bradman to join them for drinks and dinner with a local clairvoyant, the eccentric Madame Arcati. Charles plans to observe the behaviour of Madame Arcati during a séance after dinner, to help with the novel he is writing. For Madam Arcati, the seance proves unproductive and she leaves, unaware the evening's events have conjured a visitor that is about to disrupt the lives of Charles and Ruth beyond all belief.. Elivra, Charles belated wife. Marital hell breaks loose when Charles finally convinces Ruth that there is a ghost in the house.. and a very mischievous one. Can Madam Aracti return to help? This delightful play by the acclaimed Noel Coward and a strong cast chosen by director Rob Simmons, is sure to delight you and leave you in 'high spirits'!

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Maxine Neal as Ruth
Matthew Willis as Charles
Sally Catling as Elvira
Sarah Lepley as Madam Acarti
Bernie Saxby as Mrs Bradman
Jeff Hodges as Dr Bradman
Kyla Lupton as Edith
Director - Rob Simmons
Created by Sally Anne Catling