Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward

Poster designed by Sarah Lepley

Socialite & novelist Charles Condomine and his wife, Ruth, have invited their friends Dr. and Mrs. Bradman to join them for drinks and dinner with a local clairvoyant, the eccentric Madame Arcati. Charles plans to observe the behaviour of Madame Arcati during a séance after dinner, to help with the novel he is writing. For Madam Arcati, the seance proves unproductive and she leaves, unaware the evening's events have conjured a visitor that is about to disrupt the lives of Charles and Ruth beyond all belief.. Elivra, Charles belated wife. Marital hell breaks loose when Charles finally convinces Ruth that there is a ghost in the house.. and a very mischievous one. Can Madam Arcati return to help? This delightful play by the acclaimed Noel Coward left our audiences in 'high spirits' and earned us tons of amazing feedback, including a smashing review by Castle Point Mayoress, Anne Wood  (feature below)

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Cast: (in order of appearance) Edith...Kyla Lupton, Ruth...Maxine Neil, Charles Comdomine...Matthew Willis, Dr Bradman...Jeff Hodges, Mrs Bradman...Bernie Saxby, Madam Aracti...Sarah Lepley, Elvira...Sally Catling

Crew: Director...Rob Simmons, Stage Manager...Louisa Brewster, Assistant Stage Manager...Sallie Castile, Set Design and Construction...Steve Hull & Peter Dumenil, Lighting...Phil & Tom Watson, Sound...Joe Byers, Prompt...Debbie Adams, Costume...Bernie Saxby, Make Up...Hayley Ashby, Props...Laura DeBond & Kim Dowding, Front of House… Trudy Britnell, Hayley Ashby, Laura DeBond, Peter Dumenil, Martin Lepley, Zahna Hull, Andy Shore. Tickets/Box Office/Programmes...Sarah Lepley, Promotional Video...Sally Catling

Special thanks to: Kathy Bradley & Wintergardens School, St Anne’s & St Nicholas Churches of Canvey, Leonardo MW LTD

Our Chosen Charity for this production was the Canvey Island Community First Responders. Read about the valuable work they do here

We were not only honoured to be asked to be photographed with Castle Point Mayor, Cllr Brian Wood, after our last performance of Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward, but utterly delighted at a post by Facebook group 'Canvey Matters' which featured a review by our Mayoress Anne Wood on the very same evening...

"The Mayor and I attended the Cast & Crew performance of Noel Coward's  'Blithe Spirit' this week and what a fantastic performance it was! Excellent acting made the  characters come to life - brilliant scenery and many, many laughs along the way. We both enjoyed the show immensely -a great comedy play  professionally staged by Cast & Crew - well done everyone. We are looking forward to their next production on 24th and 25th November at the War Memorial Hall on Canvey. Details of this and their forthcoming quiz night  can be found on their website - Please join us in supporting this great group of people."

Thank you, Lord & Lady Mayor for your enthusiastic support toward our efforts to offer top quality entertainment to our local community and further afield, and many, many thanks to the Canvey Matters Facebook group for the above image and for sharing our success on your Facebook page. This is a great social media page that supports the Canvey Island community with news and events and you can apply to follow this closed group here.

Created by Sally Anne Catling