Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward

Poster designed by Sarah Lepley

This hilarious send up of the horror story genre has an ancient castle, creaking doors, a mad scientist, his misshapen assistant, a grim housekeeper, secret laboratory, shrieks from the depths of the cellar, disappearing villagers, an incredibly stalwart and stupid hero of sterling character, the scientist's absolutely dopey daughter, and so many laughs you'll lose count.

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 Please note: Any resemblance between the characters in this show and any other persons, living or dead, is highly unlikely! :D

Cast (In order of appearance)

Donald Von Blitzen - Martin Lepley, Gretchen Twitchill - Deb Adams, Heinrich Shtunken - Peter Dumenil, Mord - Zahna Hull, Daisy Von Blitzen - Hayley Ashby, Frank Sterling - Mark Gopal, Babsy Ballou - Coral Baker, Maritza Zitzen Von Blitzen - Sally Catling, Hannah Zitzen - Bernie Saxby, Freda Zitzen - Kim Downing, Olga Zitzen - Maxine Neil, Heidi Zitzen - Lou Brewster, Hans, Fritz & Otto Shtunken & The Creature - Peter Dumenil. 

Crew (In order of tantrums)

Director - Sarah Lepley, Stage Manager - Deb Jea, Ass. Stage Manager - Sallie Castile, Chief Stage Hand - Michael Jay, Prompt - Matthew Willis, Lightning - Phil Watson, Sound - Joe Byers, Costume - Bernie Saxby, Props/Set Dressing - Rob Simmons & Laura DeBond, Set Design & Construction - Steve Hull & Peter Dumenil, Front of House/Refreshments - Andy Shore/Laura DeBond/Rob Simmons, Box Office & Prorammes - Sarah Lepley.

Promotional Video created & ‘The Creature Creeps Theme’ composed and digitally created by Sally Catling. 

‘The Creature Creeps!’ theme is property of Cast & Crew Theatre Workshop and is subject to copyright. 

Our chosen charity for this production was The Danny Green Fund 

Special thanks to:
The War Memorial Hall, Canvey Island, St Anne’s & St Nicholas Churches, Canvey Island, Leonardo MW Ltd. 

Created by Sally Anne Catling